About Us


With years of experience in the insurance restoration and repair industry, Restoration Management Services has the knowledge, the equipment and the staff to service all your restoration and contracting needs. Locally owned and operated, our courteous staff has been carefully hand-picked for their knowledge in the insurance restoration industry and their ability to communicate effectively with our customers.

A full-service restoration company located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Restoration Management Services has built a reputation for producing quality work with unmatched skill and sensitivity to our clients. Restoration Management Services takes pride in completing projects within the time constraints provided and the budget allowed. Restoration Management Services will handle every detail of your commercial or residential project. We specialize in the restoration and reconstruction of properties damaged by fire, flood, hail, wind, smoke, trauma, electrical or other disaster. Our staff is trained and educated on an on-going basis to keep abreast of the most current technology available. We ensure the satisfaction of our customers by providing prompt service, a well-experienced staff, constant communication and diligent quality control efforts.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our Emergency Response team can be on a job site within moments after a loss has occurred. We will carefully evaluate the damage, take thorough photographs, and assess the repairs. At Restoration Management Services, we guarantee prompt and professional service of the highest quality.

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